Workshop Service

Whether you are dropping off your pumps in person or shipping them to us, our comprehensive inventory of parts and expert staff means we can offer the best service with the shortest lead times.

With two strategically located Service-Centers on either end of Toronto, operated by teams of highly skilled and experienced technicians, we can rebuild any pump or motor, allowing you to serve your buildings better. Our tools and parts are geared directly toward the repair needs of pumps and motors in Toronto’s HVAC systems.

Our shop services include:

  • Fully trained, accredited, and experienced staff
  • Fully equipped repair bays
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • Fabrication shop for custom-built packages
  • Motor rewind shop capable of winding motors from Fractional HP to 200HP
  • Electric motor testing equipment
  • Pump repair and service for all pumps
  • Motor repair and service
  • Pump testing and analyzing equipment
  • Dynamic and static balancing equipment
  • The ability to handle most repairs with “off the shelf” items reducing customer wait times.

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