Site Visits and Proposals

The financial and environmental impact of pump and motor systems is substantial. At Hart Pump, we now understand the high costs associated with running all the hydronic equipment in your building. We are dedicated to working with our customers to provide energy efficiency upgrades that will significantly reduce the financial and carbon emissions footprint that your building has.

Alternating current was invented in the 1880s by Nikola Tesla; following this; it took humanity 100 years to come up with a solution to control AC Motors. By varying the speed of pumps, buildings are now transiting to energy-efficient control systems. Don’t let it take another 100 years to upgrade your pumps to a more intelligent approach.

Are you interested in joining the transition to a sustainable future? We will monitor your water consumption and work alongside the best pump manufacturers in the industry to provide energy audit reports, project proposals, ROI timelines, and government incentives to help you transition to a sustainable future for your building.

Our 4-Step Process to Complete Successful Energy Upgrades:


Step 1: Gathering Information

– Our expert team will visit your site and gather all the required information needed to give you a draft of a proposal. Hart Pump makes the energy audit process a complete hands process for our customers. We do all the groundwork so that you can focus on your job.


Step 2: Drafting the Proposal, Providing ROI Timelines, and Estimated incentives

After gathering all the required information for the energy upgrade, our team put together a proposal that details the upgrade and the potential for energy savings. We document our proposed solution, value proposition, estimated incentives, and a payback timeline with potential energy savings. We work directly with the leading pump manufacturers in Canada and around the globe to ensure that we offer our customers the best value for their money and the most efficient solution to their problems.


Step 3: Complete the Energy Upgrade Project

Our install team has completed thousands of projects and is the most competent pump installer in the market. We ensure that the pumps are delivered to your site in a timely fashion, provide shop drawings with the approved pipe and electrical modifications required, walkthrough with your team on our approach and make sure that everybody is comfortable before we start. After the proposal is approved, our team gets to the actual work.


Step 4: Performance Review and Training

After the work is done, we do not mark our project as complete until our customer is satisfied. Our approach to the final step is to review the performance every step of the way and gather feedback from our customers. We provide their staff with training on the new pumps and ensure they are satisfied. After it is all done, we keep in touch regularly to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the building can adjust.


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